Cleanse your body naturally for men and Women

Just as we shower, wash our clothes and brush our teeth daily

Our bodies need periodic cleansing from within. A simple way to do this is to start by drinking a glass of cold water

When you get out of bed and when you get ready for bed. Due to the food we eat, we add a number of waste products to our bodies throughout the day.

 Then it is clear that our bodies are filled with negative substances that need to be removed now and then.

How to cleanse your body: Eat more fiber food like  Oatmeal, brown rice, coarse pasta, seeds, nuts and fruits.

Do not drink alcohol as alcohol can damages your liver and kidney. we do not recommend it.

Some of the most recommended foods to cleanse your body are lemons (mix the juice with water)

beets (they contain lots of fiber), garlic (removes disease-causing pathogens) and milk.