10 easy ways to get rid of physical fatigue and lethargy

Fatigue, weakness and lethargy are common in the body due to lack of energy and lack of sleep.

Bad eating habits and wrong lifestyle are also due to physical and mental weakness.

Due to weakness and laziness, no work can be done properly.

Constantly sitting at the computer, irregular eating time and a stressful life makes us mentally and physically exhausted.

Fatigue and lethargy may be due to any reason, you can easily treat it at home

by making some changes in your diet and adopting some home remedies.

Yogurt contains proteins, carbohydrates, which remove the symptoms of lethargy and fatigue.

It is good to drink 1 cup of green tea to relieve fatigue. Drinking green tea increases concentration.

Banana is rich in potassium, which is useful in converting sugar into energy in the body.

Lack of water in the body also causes lethargy, due to which one does not feel like doing any work.